Better late than never

It’s 11PM on Sunday night and the Campo’s have had a rough week (although binge watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt has been a surprisingly fun ending to the weekend). Three of the four of us have had the stomach flu and it has not been fun. In fact, this entire winter has been one string of illness after another. Luca, who is usually ridiculously healthy, has had the flu twice and a crazy virus that would NOT go away. And poor Armie had a double ear infection a few weeks back, complete with a 103.5 fever. Ugh….we are ready for spring. In fact, this week is spring break so hopefully things are looking up : )

So…back to the post. I sat down to write a blog post, but realized I haven’t downloaded pictures in ages. So instead I found some pictures from the fall that I love. Back in August, Tyler and I went to Santa Barbara for a wedding. It was wonderful. We ate great food, relaxed at the beach, and hit up all of our favorite spots (and even found a few new ones). Carrie’s wedding was also amazing. It was a traditional Indian wedding and definitely the nicest wedding I have ever been to. Too bad the few pictures I have are still not downloaded onto my phone.



All Tyler and I wanted to do on this trip was play frisbee on the beach. And…it was wonderful! I also paddle boarded, which has been something I have wanted to do for ages.


Every time we go to Santa Barbara we walk to coffee each morning at the Santa Barbara Roasting Company. This time we found a hidden gem next door called Acai bowls and wraps. The bowls were so good we went three days in a row. No really, they were that good.


I also never posted any pictures of Grandma and grandpa’s 25 wedding anniversary. We had a great time celebrating and visiting with family.DSC_0429

The cousins had a blast hanging outside while we waited for our food.DSC_0444DSC_0496



Christmas Day

We had a nice Christmas morning at home before heading to my parents for the rest of the day. Here are a few pictures.

Santa did a nice job rounding up superhero presents for Luca this year. He was pretty excited. We also ended up opening gifts from each other that morning. It’s the first year since we’ve been married we didn’t make our traditional homemade pizza. We’ll get back to it next year.


Love these two in their snoopy pajamas.DSC_0104 Helping daddy open some gifts.DSC_0115 Christmas cuties.DSC_0125 Hanging out at grandma and grandpa’s house. We had a lovely time, but it was quite strange for grandma not to be there-especially with her gifts already there for the kids. DSC_0131 Grandpa and grandma got Luca some more superhero legos and he was elated.DSC_0142 They also got some fun scoters that the boys have enjoyed in our basement since then. DSC_0154Family shot. This was taken the next day when we went to my aunt and uncles.
DSC_0163 Having fun!DSC_0183


Christmas Eve

I have disjointed pictures of Christmas. Many of them are on an old SD card. We also found out my grandma passed the night before our Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa Hill. I just didn’t have it in me that morning to take too many pictures. So…here are a bunch of pictures from Christmas Eve. My goal is to post Christmas tomorrow. Ha! We will see….

Having only moved three weeks before, it was a little crazy that we ended up having Christmas Eve at our house this year. But it was wonderful to have people over. Our old house wasn’t really big enough to have many people over, especially during the winter months. So, it was fun to actually host for once.

Here is Tyler with all his appetizers. While I was planning on making pasta, life threw us a curve ball and we ended up getting Saputos for everyone. Not too shabby as it’s our favorite. Tyler ended up heading to Schnucks that morning to get a few last minute items. He ended up getting more appetizers than I have ever seen. We are still eating the last of a few crackers : )


Christmas family picture. I have a feeling this fireplace is going to have many, many family pictures over the years.


My mom’s best friend Charlene and her kids and family all came over. It was really fun as we have all grown up together, yet don’t get many opportunities to all see each other these days. Melissa and her family were in from Texas and with Charlene moving to Texas, it’s not likely we will all get to celebrate like this for quite a while. The Greens are dear family friends and who I remember celebrating so many birthdays, New Year’s Eves, random Friday nights, and even mission trips and youth retreats together as we got older. How special that we are still able to see each other after being friends literally ALL of our lives.

The kids had fun playing together as well.DSC_0084

Greenville alumni picture. I seriously need to send this into the alumni magazine. Go Panthers.


And for good measure, her is a Western Illinois alum picture as well.



The move of 2014

Christmastime was much different this year than in the past. For starters, we moved the Monday after Thanksgiving. Instead of putting up our decorations as usual, we were unpacking our kitchen, placing furniture in various spots (and then moving it countless times), and cleaning everything. We didn’t want the boys to miss the season, so even though most of our stuff was still in boxes, we still managed to put up the trees and all of our Christmas decorations within the first two weeks of moving in. I kept telling people that I had no idea where anything was, but we sure had some nice Christmas decor : )

Backtrack to the weekend of Thanksgiving and our move, which was also crazy. Back in June, way before we knew we were moving, I bought tickets for the Polar Express in Monticello, Illinois. These tickets sell out within 10 minutes so I was super pumped to get them. However, the lady moving into our old house had to be out on December 1st, which meant we would be in Illinois the weekend we would have liked to moved. Oh and did I mention that St. Louis decided to debut a Polar Express this year. I guess the joke was on me for planning ahead.

So, we tried to plan ahead for the move…. We were entirely packed the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and stayed at my parents house for the weekend. We traveled to Springfield and dropped Armie off at Grandma and Grandpa’s before heading to Monticello. Luca had a blast at the Polar Express, but got really sad the closer we got to the North Pole. He literally started bawling because his brother was back in Springfield and he was all the way at the North Pole. He just wanted to be closer to Armie. It was seriously the cutest…..thing…..ever. He literally thought he was in the North Pole (even though the train wasn’t too convincing) and wanted his brother with him. Once Santa came by, Luca’s tears stopped and all was well again. Next year, we will take Armie. Although it was pretty special to go with just Luca and let Armie have some one on one time with his grandparents.

And then we traveled back to St. Louis on Sunday and learned 12 hours before closing that a random plumbing issue that I had checked on weeks before was a bigger issue than we knew (long story….seriously wasn’t our fault). We had to have a plumber come out from 5 to 9PM that night so we could close at 8AM the next morning. We aren’t just talking about a little work….he had to take out a major portion of a pipe that was behind our kitchen sink (and remove the back of the cabinet and put a new one on). Seriously….crazy!

So… we finally got back to my parents to sleep and woke up the next morning at 6AM to a text saying Luca’s school was on a snow schedule. I looked out the window and saw not snow, but ice. Ugh! Really!?! We left the house at 7AM and showed up 15 minutes late for our 8AM closing, even though it should have only taken 20 minutes to get there.

And we closed on the house (yay! At least there was no drama there). We finished moving out of our old house and drove over to the new house. We were told we could move in at noon. However, we were not so fortunate as the couple moving out was not as quick to get out of the house as they would have liked. At first we literally put all of our boxes on the front porch. And after an hour or so, they let us start putting things into the two front rooms. It wasn’t an ideal situation as it cost us extra money in movers, left our stuff loaded into just two rooms of the house, meant the rest of the house was not as clean as I would have liked before moving everything in, and perhaps the worst was seeing the previous owner smoke like a chimney in my new house. Really!?!. But…. you take what you can get and thankfully our family and friends were so helpful and perhaps years from now we can laugh at the chaos. Two months out and I’m not quite there just yet : )

Here are a few pictures from the Polar Express and visiting Santa.

DSC_1067 DSC_1071 Our golden tickets. Amazingly, Luca actually wore PJ’s on the train.DSC_1084Santa!

DSC_1090Our tree this year. Tyler probably won’t like that I posted this picture of just him, but I love it. I think it’s a picture we will look back on 20 years from now and smile at the old Jeep, how young he looks, and how we had just moved into our new home.


Luca helped decorate both trees. This was the fake one where we put most of his ornaments.


Visiting Santa. Both boys were so eager to see him.


But….Armie wasn’t so sure once he got there. Luca had to bring up daddy’s phone because he wanted Santa to SEE all the lego’s he wanted.


Armie was all smiles a few minutes later.



Fall in pictures

So much has happened since my last post. Has it been so long?!? Armie is now 20 months. Luca is nearly 5 and a half. We moved to a new house. I finished a crazy semester of teaching. Tyler taught his first classroom course. We finished four months of youth group. My wonderful and amazing grandma passed away (and probably my biggest blog fan). And we celebrated Christmas. Whew.


A friend of mine once told me that people choose to make their own busyness. I agree to an extent as Tyler and I chose most of these items. Yes, we have kids. Yes, I chose to take on extra classes (trying to save up for some furniture and a lovely new roof). Yes, we love the youth at our church and are thankful to hang out with and minister to them. Yes, we chose to move. But….some of the “extra” added on to the past four months made life more challenging. To say we are excited about a fresh start in 2015 is an understatement.


Here are some pictures from the fall. To be honest, while there was lots of crazy-we really did have some nice times together with family and friends.


Luca’s birthday party! We went to bounce U and him and his buddies had the time of their life. We pretty much stuck to only school friends this year, which means we are officially in a whole new territory for birthdays. I loved watching the chaos and fun!

DSC_0642Buddies! Giada actually arrived a little late and it turned out to be a blessing. Luca ditched his buds the second she arrived. He loves his cousin.
DSC_0679I love this picture of Armie. He has the sweetest smile.
DSC_0719 My big boy. He HAD to have this cake and then never ate a bite. Good thing it was tasty.DSC_0723 Just a boy and his grandpa giggling.DSC_0732 Grandparents day at school. Luca loved getting to show them around.DSC_0746Armie loves to take our phones these days and check out pictures and videos of himself and Luca. It’s adorable.
DSC_0779 Youth group ice cream outing.DSC_0873 Fall fun at the pumpkin patch. We had so much fun we went twice.DSC_0891 My minions. This was the best picture we got.DSC_0949 One day while getting our car fixed, we stopped by to see Big Foot. The boys were in heaven.DSC_0990 Luca received his yellow stripe in karate back in November. He loves being a ninja : )DSC_1005Thanksgiving.
DSC_1046Grandma was feeling well enough to have fun on Thanksgiving. This is actually the last picture I have of her. She is smiling as always and with two of her very favorite little guys. I have been so blessed to have had such a wonderful and caring grandma. She showed me unconditional love, was my biggest cheerleader, and spent countless hours with me growing up (and even until the past few weeks). She always told me that she loved me “all there is and then some.” It always hit home with me and I pray I can continue to say the same thing to Luca and Armand as they grow old.


16 months

Armie is 16 months and busier than ever. Here is what Armie is into these days.

1. Armie loves beans. They are his favorite food and he eats them with abandon. I have been making lots of soup lately as work has been a bit busy and soup lasts for days. Armie won’t eat the soup, but he will eat ALL the beans and meat if they have no liquid in them. What a silly boy!

2. Armie loves sports. Poor guy has to go to both soccer practice and karate on Thursdays for Luca. Every chance he can get, he tries to go on the soccer field like his big brother. And at home he claps for himself every time he kicks a ball.

3. Little man is crazy about bath time, his brother, milk, and his blankies. He also would love to go to preschool! Every time Armie and I take Luca to school, Armie tries to go play with all the toys and stay with the class. It’s too cute.

4. Armie loves to turn on and off light switches. Our light switches are lower than most and Armie can reach them. There is also a switch quite close to his crib that he unfortunately has figured out how to turn on in the morning when he wakes up. Rise and shine Mom and Dad!

5. This little guy likes variety. One day he will eat raspberries, the next day consider them the nastiest thing he has ever seen. This has occurred for apples, blueberries, grapes, oranges, and so on. The only consistent food is cantaloupe. Too bad that is going out of season.

6. Oh. And yeah, the speech thing. Little man has no words yet, just lots of grunts and pointing. Thankfully, Armie understands a ton and gets his point across quite clearly, which is a huge positive. Here’s hoping he picks up some words quickly, but I’m not freaking out. The second time around I’m confident Armie will eventually talk (remember when Luca’s first speech pathologist told me Luca may never talk). And, I know all the right people to go to and even ideas for helping him on my own if he needs speech. But, no reason to jump the gun just yet.

Armie is a sucker for steering wheels. Always a favorite.


Swinging with grandma


Taking time to smell the flowers. He thinks it’s hilarious.


So much irony in this picture.


Luca got a marble works set for his birthday and Armie liked it just as much as his brother.


I just love how Armie is sitting on his daddy. He has been carrying that ball and sword around for days. I think he thinks the sword is a bat and he is ready to play some baseball.



May the Force Be with You

Chik-Fil-A had a Jedi training night earlier in the summer. Luca was in the height of his Star Wars phase and he LOVED it. Here are a few pictures of our little padawan.

Luca was very concerned that they only gave out red light sabers. It was hard to convince him he was still a Jedi.


This little guy enjoyed all the activities as well.


Fighting Darth Maul

 DSC_0311 DSC_0310

And hanging out with the cow.